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The Health Lottery launched in October 2011 with the aim of supporting health related good causes across the UK. Draws take place twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays and are currently broadcast live on Channel 5 at approximately 21:55. During the draw, five main numbers are drawn from a possible 50, followed by a sixth number drawn from the same pool which acts as a Bonus Ball.

Unlike the UK Lotto, the Health Lottery isn’t a national lottery, but is comprised of 51 society lotteries each representing local authority areas across England, Scotland and Wales. The local authority areas are selected in rotation to be the beneficiary of funds raised through ticket sales and then used for health-related good causes.

Health Lottery Results - Saturday 1st August 2015

11 21 22 23 27 15

Category: Prize:
Match 5 £100,000
Match 4 plus Bonus £10,000
Match 4 £250.00
Match 3 plus Bonus £50.00
Match 3 £20.00
Match 2 plus Bonus £10.00

Previous Health Lottery Results

Results - Wed 29th Jul 2015

23 24 25 43 46 30
Results - Sat 25th Jul 2015

8 19 34 39 46 16
Results - Wed 22nd Jul 2015

6 10 18 36 39 27
Results - Sat 18th Jul 2015

5 11 20 25 42 28

Health Lottery Prize Breakdown & Odds of Winning

How To Win Prize Odds of Winning
Match 5 (Jackpot) £100,000 Jackpot * 1 in 2,118,760
Match 4 + Bonus Ball £10,000 1 in 423,752
Match 4 £250 1 in 9,631
Match 3 + Bonus Ball £50 1 in 4,815
Match 3 £20 1 in 224
Match 2 + Bonus Ball £10 1 in 224
Overall odds of Winning any prize: 1 in 108

*Though the minimum jackpot for the Heath Lottery is £100,000, occasionally there are special draws with bigger jackpots on offer.

Play Health Lottery

To play the Health Lottery, players must select five numbers from a possible 50 and must match all five numbers to win the jackpot. Those not wishing to pick their own numbers can select the Quick Pick option which will randomly select a set of five numbers. The Bonus Ball is not chosen by players and instead offers players increased prizes for matching two, three or four numbers.

The jackpot in each draw is £100,000 and although the jackpot doesn't roll over if the top prize isn't won, the fixed prize means that the jackpot is not shared if more than one ticket holder matches all five numbers in a draw.

There are a total of six winning prize tiers in the Health Lottery offering fixed prizes for matching from three numbers.

Health Lottery Tickets

Health Lottery tickets can be purchased online or from an authorised Health Lottery retailer for up to eight weeks (sixteen draws) in advance. Tickets purchased online are stored in your Health Lottery online account and are checked automatically with winnings of £250 or less automatically paid into your player account.

Players matching all five main numbers or four winning numbers plus the Bonus Ball, will need to contact the Health Lottery by telephone in order to begin the claims procedure.

Health Lottery prizes are valid for 180 days after the date of the draw, after which they will expire.