Lotto Millionaire Raffle

Lotto Millionaire Raffle, previously known as just Lotto Raffle, is an exciting supplementary game that offers one prize of £1 million and 20 prizes of £20,000 in every UK Lotto draw. For every line of UK Lotto numbers you buy, a code is automatically generated that is entered into the separate Lotto Millionaire Raffle draw. The first code drawn on the night is worth £1 million, with the remaining 20 winning codes reaping rewards of £20,000 each. Best of all, entry to the game is free!

Lotto Millionaire Raffle Results

The Lotto draw took place on Wednesday July 27th 2016 and the following Lotto Millionaire Raffle results were drawn:

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Millionaire Raffle Codes:

JADE 1597 3166

£20,000 Raffle Codes:

AQUA 0943 4830 BLUE 8120 2207 GOLD 8943 6147 GREY 0775 6318 GREY 7686 6683 JADE 2633 2416 JADE 4157 4259 JADE 8752 3602 JADE 8971 0163 LIME 5202 0022 NAVY 8282 7032 PINK 6748 5538 PLUM 3701 5374 PLUM 9217 6867 ROSE 4239 9240 ROSE 5417 1456 ROSE 8350 0940 ROSE 8806 8176 RUBY 7913 7396 TEAL 4175 0746
No Raffle Numbers Matched - Better Luck Next Time!

How to play Lotto Millionaire Raffle

You don’t need to do anything extra to take part in the Lotto Millionaire Raffle; a code is randomly generated and printed on every Lotto ticket sold. The code will consist of a four-letter colour and a set of eight numbers, such as BLUE 1234 5678. If the code on your ticket matches one of the codes drawn on the night, you’ll win a great prize!

When do Lotto Millionaire Raffle draws take place?

Lotto Millionaire Raffle draws are conducted shortly after the main Lotto draw is held on Wednesday and Saturday evenings. Special Lotto Millionaire Raffle draws occasionally take place to mark specific events, such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day or changes to Lotto. On Saturday 10th October 2015, a record-breaking 25 Lotto Millionaire Raffle codes were drawn that were all worth £1 million each!