EuroDreams is a transnational lottery with long-term benefits for winners, as the top prizes are paid out over a number of years rather than all at once. The first draw will take place on Monday 6th November. Find out more about the game and see the winning numbers as soon as they are available.

Estimated EuroDreams jackpot:

€20,000 a month


EuroDreams is jointly organised by the same national lotteries that operate EuroMillions, so you can buy tickets from all the same countries or online.

Play the annuity lottery from the UK, France, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Portugal, Ireland, Switzerland or Luxembourg. It costs €2.50 per play.

Draws will take place on Monday and Thursday nights, so you must just make sure that you purchase your tickets before the cut-off time.

About EuroDreams

EuroDreams was approved in 2023 after the participating national lotteries of EuroMillions proposed an annuity-style game. The idea was to offer a Europe-wide game that would offer better odds of winning than EuroMillions, with a jackpot that would provide long-lasting financial rewards instead of just a single payment.

It is a format that has been successful around the world, most notably in North America, and it primarily appeals to younger players.

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EuroDreams and EuroMillions Compared

EuroDreams and EuroMillions are aimed at different markets. While EuroMillions attracts those players who are looking to win the biggest jackpots – sometimes worth hundreds of millions of Euros – EuroDreams is targeted at lottery fans who want a steady flow of winnings over a long period.

The top two prizes in EuroDreams are set to be annuitized – paid out monthly over many years – followed by a series of smaller prizes.

The odds of winning the top prize are also much more favourable in EuroDreams. The games are played in the same countries, but they have different draw days and are entirely separate.

How to Play EuroDreams in 3 Easy Steps

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Step 1:
Pick your numbers

The number range for EuroDreams has yet to be confirmed. You can pick your own numbers or get a Lucky Dip if you want to play a random selection.

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Step 2:
Choose your draws

Decide whether to enter your numbers into the Monday draw, Thursday draw, or both. You can also play several weeks in advance to make sure you don’t miss out on a draw.

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Step 3:
Purchase your tickets

Buy your entries before ticket sales close, then just wait for the draw to take place. You can purchase tickets from authorised retailers, but playing online provides more security and convenience.

EuroDreams Prizes

The prize structure for EuroDreams has not yet been announced. The top two prizes will offer monthly winnings over a number of years. It has been reported that the jackpot could be worth €20,000 a month for 30 years, while the second prize could be as much as €2,000 a month for five years. When the full list of prizes is released, it will be displayed below.

Frequently Asked EuroDreams Questions

What is EuroDreams?

EuroDreams is a new European lottery for players in all the countries where EuroMillions is available. Draws will take place on Mondays and Thursdays and the big difference is that the jackpot is an annuity – where the prize is paid monthly over many years – rather than a one-off lump sum.

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When does EuroDreams start?

EuroDreams is set to launch with its first draw on Monday 6th November.

Does the top prize roll over if nobody wins?

No, the full prize information has not yet been disclosed, but the jackpot in annuity lotteries stays at a fixed amount in every draw.