See the latest Lotto results below and learn everything you need to know about the UK’s longest-running lottery. The results are updated here live in real time on Wednesday and Saturday nights when the draw takes place, with the winning numbers typically available from around 8pm and the prize breakdown details published a little later. Find out what happened in UK Lotto on Saturday. You can also view more recent Lotto results.

Latest Lotto Results

Sat 13 Jul 2024
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Jackpot Rollover

Machine used: Arthur

Ball set used: 7

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Prize breakdown

Match 2 Balls 895,028 winners Free Lucky Dip
Match 3 Balls 86,074 winners £30
Match 4 Balls 3,394 winners £140
Match 5 Balls 44 winners £1,750
Match 5 + Bonus Balls 2 winners £1,000,000
Match 6 Balls No winners £4,026,647

Wednesday's estimated Lotto jackpot:


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Lotto Tickets

You can purchase UK Lotto tickets either online or in-store. If you take part online, it is the most secure and convenient way to play.

Your tickets will be safely stored in your online account and will be automatically checked after the draw, with any prizes paid directly into your account!


Is Wednesday's Lotto a rollover?
Yes, the Lotto jackpot for Wednesday is a 2x rollover at an estimated £5,300,000.

About Lotto

UK Lotto is a 6/59 National Lottery game that gives you the chance to win great prizes twice a week – Wednesday and Saturday evenings.

The starting jackpot is £2 million on a Wednesday, or £3.8 million on a Saturday. This prize increases each time there is a rollover, until there have been five consecutive rollovers and a Must Be Won draw has to be held.

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What are Must Be Won draws?

A Lotto Must Be Won draw is when the jackpot is guaranteed to be won. They take place when the jackpot has rolled over five times.

If nobody matches all six numbers in the subsequent draw, a rolldown occurs and the jackpot money is shared between every player in the lower prize levels, including a £5 prize for matching two numbers.

Special Must Be Won draws are also occasionally scheduled for key dates such as Christmas, when the jackpot is bumped up to £15 million or £20 million.

How to Play Lotto in 3 Easy Steps

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Step 1:
Select your numbers

You'll need to select six numbers from a range of 1-59.

When picking Lotto numbers, you can choose your own or get a Lucky Dip. This means your numbers will be generated at random.

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Step 2:
Choose which draws to enter

Decide whether to play on Wednesday, Saturday or both days.

You can play up to 4 weeks in advance or set up a running subscription.

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Step 3:
Pay for your tickets

Whether you're playing online or in-store, you'll need to pay for each line of numbers that you've selected.

Once that's done, just sit back and wait for the draw to happen!

Lotto Prizes

There are six different ways to win Lotto prizes. To win the jackpot, you need to match all six of the main numbers to be drawn. A Bonus Ball is also drawn from the 53 numbers that are left. If you match the Bonus Ball, and five of the six main numbers, you win £1 million.

There are also fixed prizes for matching two, three, four or five main numbers. The table below shows the prize money you can win, as well as the odds. The table also shows how much will be allocated to your prize tier if there is a Must Be Won draw which ends in a rolldown. This is on top of the usual prize. For example, if you match two main numbers and there is a rolldown, you receive a free Lucky Dip and £5.

Numbers Matched Prize Awarded Prize % Allocated in Must Be Won Draws Odds of Winning
6/6 main numbers Jackpot Jackpot 1 in 45,057,474
5/6 main numbers + Bonus £1,000,000 3% 1 in 7,509,579
5/6 main numbers £1,750 3% 1 in 144,415
4/6 main numbers £140 7% 1 in 2,180
3/6 main numbers £30 85% 1 in 97
2/6 main numbers Free Lucky Dip All winners receive £5 1 in 10.3
The approximate overall odds of winning a Lotto prize are 1 in 9.3

Please note: All UK Lotto prizes are valid for 180 days from the date of the draw. Any prizes that are unclaimed after this point are transferred to the Good Causes Fund.

Frequently Asked Lotto Questions

What time do ticket sales close?

Ticket sales close at 7:30pm GMT on each draw night.

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How much do tickets cost?

A single Lotto ticket costs £2 online and in-store, regardless of whether you have chosen the numbers yourself or opted for a Lucky Dip.

How many numbers do you need to match to win?

You can win prizes by matching as few as two main numbers, all the way up to the jackpot for matching all six numbers.

How much do you win on Lotto for three numbers?

There is a fixed prize of £30 for matching three main Lotto numbers. If there is a rolldown, your winnings will be significantly boosted and could be around £100.

When is the next Must Be Won draw?

A Must Be Won draw is scheduled after there have been five consecutive rollovers.

Currently, Lotto is on a 2x rollover.