Thunderball Results

Thunderball has been creating big winners since it was launched in 1999 and now takes place four times a week – with a draw every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. The game costs just £1 per line and you can win up to £500,000 for matching all five main numbers plus the Thunderball.

You can see the latest results below, with the next set of winning numbers published as soon as they are available so you don’t even need to catch the live draw.

Latest Thunderball Results

Sat 13 Jul 2024
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1 jackpot winner

Machine used: Excalibur 3

Ball set used: 3

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Prize breakdown

Match 0 plus Thunderball Balls 72,369 winners £3
Match 1 plus Thunderball Balls 60,670 winners £5
Match 2 plus Thunderball Balls 14,546 winners £10
Match 3 Balls 13,875 winners £10
Match 3 plus Thunderball Balls 1,178 winners £20
Match 4 Balls 356 winners £100
Match 4 plus Thunderball Balls 37 winners £250
Match 5 Balls 2 winners £5,000
Match 5 plus Thunderball Balls 1 winner £500,000

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Thunderball Tickets

Take part in Thunderball today to give yourself a chance of becoming the next jackpot winner. You can play online or by going to an authorised retailer in the UK.

If you play online, you have the extra security of knowing your numbers cannot get lost, stolen or damaged. There’s also no danger of missing out on a prize, as your numbers will be checked automatically and you will receive an email if you are a winner.

About Thunderball

Thunderball is a double-matrix game, so you pick five main numbers from 1 to 39 and a Thunderball from a separate field of 1 to 14.

If you match all the numbers, you win a jackpot of £500,000. This is guaranteed even if there are multiple winners. For example, there were four jackpot winners on March 17, 2017, who each received £500,000.

The top prize had previously been worth £250,000, but the game has evolved since it started. As well as now offering bigger prizes, it has also gone from just being drawn once a week, on a Saturday, to being the National Lottery’s most frequent draw game.

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Double Delight

The fact that the top prize is paid out to each winner, rather than being split between them, proved to be very beneficial to Gayle and Phillip Say from Coventry in October 2019, after they won the top prize twice in the same draw. Gayle only realised she had duplicated her number combination just after she had bought her tickets and thought about voiding one entry, but was later glad she didn’t as the numbers came up. It left them celebrating a double win, with a total payout of £1 million.

How to Play Thunderball in 3 Easy Steps

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Step 1:
Select your numbers

You can opt for a Lucky Dip if you want a random set or choose your own numbers – 5/39 and 1/14.

The Thunderball number is drawn from a different set, so it is possible to see the same number twice in the same draw. It could appear once as a main ball and once as the Thunderball.

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Step 2:
Pick which draws to enter

Select which draw days you want to play - this can be any combination of Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday.

You can play up to four weeks in advance, or set up a subscription so that you never miss a draw.

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Step 3:
Buy your tickets

Pay for your entries before the cut-off time for that draw, then just wait for the winning numbers to be selected and see how many you match.

If you play online, your numbers will be automatically checked for you and you will be notified if you win.

Thunderball Prizes

You win Thunderball prizes by matching the numbers you have selected to those that appear in the draw. You need to match all of them to win the £500,000 jackpot, but you can also win by matching fewer numbers. In fact, you are guaranteed a payout as long as you match the winning Thunderball number.

The table below shows all the different ways to win, plus the odds for each category. The prize amounts are fixed, although there is a cap which could limit payouts in exceptional circumstances. This only happens if the total amount that is payable in a draw is worth more than four times the total value of entries for that draw.

Numbers Matched Prize Awarded Odds of Winning
5/5 main numbers + Thunderball £500,000 1 in 8,060,598
5/5 main numbers £5,000 1 in 620,046
4/5 main numbers + Thunderball £250 1 in 47,415
4/5 main numbers £100 1 in 3,647
3/5 main numbers + Thunderball £20 1 in 1,437
3/5 main numbers £10 1 in 111
2/5 main numbers + Thunderball £10 1 in 135
1/5 main numbers + Thunderball £5 1 in 35
0/5 main numbers + Thunderball £3 1 in 29
The approximate overall odds of winning a Thunderball prize are 1 in 13

Frequently Asked Thunderball Questions

How much does it cost to play?

The cost of Thunderball is £1 per play.

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What is the cut-off time for ticket sales?

You can play until 7:30pm on draw days. If you miss this deadline, you will not be able to enter that night’s draw and will have to wait for sales to reopen.

Is there a Thunderball prize for three numbers?

The prize for matching three main numbers is £10. You also win the same amount if you match two main numbers and the Thunderball.

Does the top prize roll over if nobody wins?

No. Thunderball always offers a fixed jackpot of £500,000 per winner. This means you don’t have to share the jackpot if there is more than one winner.

Where can I watch the Thunderball draw?

You can watch the live Thunderball draw on YouTube.